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If Data Can Help Drive Student Success, Who’s Driving the Data?


At SunGard K-12, district success is what we’re known for. Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of school administration software providers. After more than 45 years developing K-12 school administration systems, we know the playing field. Thankfully, the field isn’t level, as our K-12 Success Platform makes SunGard K-12 the choice of nearly 1,400 school districts, and impacting one out of every six students throughout the country. It’s that K-12 Success Platform that spans an entire district’s needs from a product and sustainable consulting platform, to thought leadership, and stakeholder success at every level.

SunGard K-12 is the leading provider of school administrative software solutions that enhance district performance. Our secure and reliable solutions provide support for student information management, assessment development and analysis, curriculum mapping, special education, and financial and human resources management. Looking for school and student administration software? Start with SunGard K-12, the District Success Specialists.

We have confidence that SunGard K-12 Education will stay parallel with us in terms of recognizing what we need. We’re getting responses before we can really make a request. That’s really at the vanguard of service. We’re very, very satisfied.”

James M. Wigo Sr., Superintendent
Rose Tree Media School District, Pennsylvania

Our Platform Longevity Distances Us From The Others.

Future Thinking

Don't be satisfied with a K-12 administration solution that solves only today's challenges. Our success platform has the longevity to tackle challenges that will develop years from now.

Roadmap for Success

Have you seen a platform roadmap for the future? If not, you haven't seen the future. We'll show you our roadmap for success, how we adapt to future challenges so you have the advantage for district success.

Developed for Long Term Success

Our Sustainable Consulting Platform increases the longevity of student administration software. Our Success Engineers have the ability to provide personalization that extends the life of a solution and maximizes district success.

Accurate and Compliant

We work closely with all districts to provide the resources, tools, on-going support, and thought leadership for accurate state reporting and validation of compliance.

Significant R&D

Our parent company, FIS, invests more than $550 million in R&D every year. SunGard K-12 is the beneficiary of that information and data that assists us with determining future trends, which, in turn, enables us to enhance platform longevity for your district.

Four Pillars

Our solutions are built focusing on four pillars that drive long-term district performance: Action, Accountability, Administration, and Reform. Where other student administration providers are more narrowly focused, our breadth and depth drives platform longevity and prepares districts for the future.

“We’re at our best when our customers need us the most.”

Frank Lavelle, President and CEO

See How

Learn More About the SunGard K-12 Success Ecosystem.


We learned in school, of course, that ecosystems have two parts, biotic and abiotic. In our ecosystem, the biotic are students, teachers, administrators, parents, school boards, and government agencies, all of the important living things who we want to succeed. And the abiotic, all the non-living things, is the K-12 administration software that make it possible for all the living things to succeed.

There needs to be one company that bridges the gap between biotic and abiotic. Between humanity and technology. And between what might be and what will be. That’s SunGard K-12, think of us as the one company that connects the living members of the ecosystem with all the right school administration software.

Show me the ecosystem

The Newest SunGard K-12 White Paper Is Now Available. Download Your Copy Today.

Redefining District ROI: Return on Value as the New Benchmark
It’s time for schools to look beyond the financials when it comes to investing in data management systems. Measuring non-fiscal returns can reveal a clearer value of the investment.

Return on Value is the new benchmark

  • Student achievement
  • District-wide knowledge
  • Community engagement

This benchmark will turn your district into a K-12 Success Ecosystem.

As a leader in K-12 school administration software, we’ve helped create ecosystem success throughout the nation: everyone engaged, all stakeholders at the table, goals aligned. What is the value of enhancing information and communication for students, parents, teachers, administrators, school board members, policymakers, and community members? Read Redefining District ROI: Return on Value as the New Benchmark and find out.

Award-Winning Solutions

Let us show you why our K-12 Success Platform is award-winning at every level, for every stakeholder in your school district.

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