The Next Generation Student Information System

Built for the future, eSchoolPLUS 4.0 works with you to support student achievement all year long.
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Game-Changing Special Education Management

By providing a tool that helps teams share real-time info, collaborate more effectively, and put procedural compliance on auto-pilot, IEPPLUS 5 helps your district change the game for special education.
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Built for Now and for the Future

SunGard K-12's financial and human resources systems are fast, robust, and versatile—helping you quickly manage the complexities of your district.
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Lead without Limits

"Our staff's eyes have really been opened in terms of what a robust student information system can do. It really helps support student learning." Stan Gorbatkin, Assistant Superintendent of Technology Services, Indian Prairie School District 204, Illinois
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Customer Success

Joliet Township High School District 204

Launches 21st-Century Educational Initiatives from PLUS 360 Suite
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Delaware Department of Education

Using Data to Guide Educational Initiatives
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Award-Winning Assessment and Curriculum Management PerformancePLUSTM
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Arkansas Department of Education

ADE Data Center Illuminates Opportunities for Student Achievement
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A Leader in K-12 Administrative Software

SunGard K-12 Education provides secure and reliable solutions for student information managementassessment development and analysiscurriculum mappingspecial education, and finance and human resources.

The SunGard K-12 Education Difference:

  • Supports one out of six students nationally at public, charter, and private schools
  • An integrated suite which can be deployed together or as standalone systems
  • A powerful, more effective approach to K-12 education technology
  • Exemplary customer support
  • Supports student achievement anytime, anywhere

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Modern, Efficient Administration Software for Schools
SunGard K-12 student administration software makes it easy for your staff to track, support, and enhance student achievement at your school. We offer web-based school administration software to maximize the flexibility and reliability of your system.

An Adaptable School Administration System
If you’re an administrator or educator, you understand the importance of adaptability. SunGard K-12 software offers unparalleled depth and flexibility. We provide solutions that work together or separately as stand-alone systems. Use SunGard K-12 school administration software to solve one problem or to run your entire operation — it’s easy to make your admin system work exactly as you need it.

Our solutions help you:

  • Track student information
  • Assess student achievement
  • Organize your curriculum
  • Implement special education programs
  • Manage finances
  • Direct human resources

Don’t waste time fighting with an outdated, inefficient system that doesn’t meet your needs. Teachers and administrators should spend their time on students, not software. At SunGard K-12 Education, our solutions work effortlessly, freeing you up to do your job.

Increasing Efficiency for Administrators and Teachers
SunGard K-12 school administration systems are already in place in schools across the country. Our solutions:

  • Adapt to the individual needs of your district or charter school, so you can be more efficient and your students can achieve more
  • Enhance student achievement through integrated data, providing a holistic view of student performance
  • Support your teachers and administrators by providing tools for enhanced decision-making and increased productivity through smart notifications and improved workflow