Alief Independent School District’s Accountability Department Recognized for Using Data to Support Student Achievement
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July 29, 2015

Alief Independent School District’s Accountability Department Recognized for Using Data to Support Student Achievement

LeadWithoutLimitsLogoThe Accountability Department of Alief Independent School District has been recognized as Data All-Stars in SunGard K-12 Education’s Lead without Limits Awards program. From nominations from educators and school administrators from across the country, the team of Alief ISD administrators was selected as those who best use data to positively affect student achievement.

The Lead without Limits Awards program recognizes school districts, schools, departments, administrators, and educators that leverage technology to help improve student achievement and/or school or district efficiency. Data All-Stars, one of the Lead without Limits Award categories, use data to positively affect student achievement by applying best practices or innovating processes. Whether their initiatives are impacting one student or hundreds of students, recipients are unlocking student potential by applying insights gained from an analysis of data.

In his nomination, Douglas Brown, director of management information systems, said the Accountability Department has supported the district’s 41 campuses by developing standardized reports to enable them to examine their unique student population and formulate initiatives to support student achievement. “The Accountability Department makes use of multiple sources of data to support the development of strategies that help ensure the success of Alief ISD students,” he says, noting that the standardized approach takes the focus off reporting and puts it on gaining meaningful insights that make a difference for students. “Since the output is standard for all campuses, the team is able to better support each campus in training them how to interpret the data rather than the mechanics of assembling the data.”

Natalie Martinez, Alief ISD’s director of accountability, says the standardized reporting structure allows Alief ISD’s educators and administrators to have clear expectations of what data they will receive and then to efficiently analyze that data and effectively collaborate on a plan to improve student achievement. For example, the reports support principals in determining advanced and intervention courses, provide instructional leadership teams with insights about where support is most needed, aid teachers in determining the potential of their students, and help high schools determine which students need to take an end-of-course assessment.

”When systems are put in place, people know what to expect. Planning ahead is essential and Cognos reports support our effort in preparing for our students,” says Martinez. “Once campuses see the power and potential of planning ahead with Cognos reports, they are eager to begin the work.”

Frank Lavelle, SunGard K-12 Education’s president and chief executive officer, celebrates Alief’s Accountability Department and the other Lead without Limits Award recipients. “It’s an honor to serve this nation’s school districts as they inspire students and support them in realizing the greatest possibilities for their lives,” says Lavelle. “Through their dedication and innovation, the Lead without Limits Award recipients are having an inspiringly positive impact on our children.”

The Lead without Limits Awards recipients received a statuette. They are now in the running for the annual awards that will be presented at SunGard K-12 Education’s National User Group Conference in Palm Springs, Calif. SunGard K-12 Education will select the three annual award winners from all the monthly recipients during the year. For these three annual winners, SunGard K-12 will pay the conference fee for one individual to represent them at the conference and hear best practices shared by districts across the country.

Nominations for the Lead without Limits Awards are accepted through an application form available on SunGard K-12 Education’s website. For guidelines and selection process, please see the Lead without Limits Awards program information online.

About Alief Independent School District
Alief ISD provides an exemplary education for students in prekindergarten through grade 12 at 41 campuses in southwest Houston, Texas. The district offers a wide range of educational opportunities in academics, the arts, and career and technology education. Special education, gifted/talented, English as a second language (ESL), and an English Spanish bilingual program are among the support strands available. Alief ISD is the most ethnically diverse of school districts of comparable size in Texas. Virtually every culture of the modern world is represented in its student population of more than 47,000 and more than 80 languages and dialects are spoken.

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