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K-12 Assessment & Curriculum Management


Supporting Student Achievement with Advanced Assessment and Curriculum Management

PerformancePLUS assessment and curriculum management software gives schools and districts the tools they need to make positive changes in the classroom. With more pressure to prepare students for success in a global marketplace than ever before, our powerful student assessment software keeps administrators and teachers informed of what’s working and what’s not.

Our K-12 student assessment solution provides:

  • Standards-based curriculum management
  • Longitudinal performance tracking
  • Support for benchmark and formative assessments
  • Clear, informative reporting
  • Advanced tracking tools
  • Deep analysis of performance trends

Use Analytics and Reporting to Enhance Your Curriculum

SunGard K-12 strives to create software with unrivaled breadth and flexibility. Our curriculum mapping software for schools gives teachers and staff the ability to create, manage, analyze, and update lessons, units, and the entire curriculum. Analyze the exact strengths and weaknesses of your curriculum, so you can make improvements every day.

Our K-12 student assessment solution integrates seamlessly with the rest of the SunGard K-12 suite of products. However, you can also choose to install it separately, giving you the flexibility to work with only the software you need to improve your district.

PerformancePLUS provides K-12 assessment analysis and curriculum management for school districts that are looking for:

  • 100% Web-Based Technology
  • A Holistic View of Assessment AND Curriculum
  • Intuitive Reporting & Analysis
  • Rapid Deployment
  • A Proven Solution

PerformancePLUS arms educators with information to make data-driven decisions that enhance instruction and increase both individual student achievement as well as overall district achievement.

SunGard K-12’s team of customer support specialists are on hand to help with any aspect of our K-12 curriculum mapping solution. Visit our customer support portal or contact your Customer Relationship Manager for all your support needs. You can also join one of our many regional or nationwide customer-led user groups to learn more.

Tools for Assessment Management and Analysis

  • Performance Analysis – Pick lists to filter on any criteria for comprehensive and longitudinal analysis of student performance on standardized and/or local assessments.
  • Assessments – Implement assessments online or on paper.
  • Item Bank – Store your own or access thousands of standards-aligned items via a built-in library.
  • Individual Learning Plans – Guide and monitor individual student achievement with individual learning plans.

Tools for Curriculum Management

  • Curriculum Mapping – Design units using your district’s chosen method (Curriculum Mapping, UBD, Learning Focused Schools).
  • Curriculum Analysis – Pinpoint successful educational practices and review areas of concern with curriculum reports including scope and sequence, gap analysis, and much more.
  • Calendar-Based Lesson Planning – Eliminate redundant curriculum entry and ease planning.
  • Curriculum Exemplars – Exemplify best practices and guide curriculum planning.

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