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Finally, everything your district needs to run as efficiently as possible.

With eFinancePLUS, your goals are our goals.

District success and efficiency go hand-in-hand. However, without the right K-12 financial and human resource solution, achieving your district’s goals is difficult to accomplish. With eFinancePLUS from SunGard K-12, districts across the country are able to easily manage financial processes and streamline employee experiences. From monitoring workflows and managing fiscal information to recruiting and evaluating professional development offerings, SunGard K-12’s simplified user experiences and at-a-glance insights allow districts to work smarter, not harder.

Is it possible for a financial and human resources management solution to drive district success? With eFinancePLUS in your district, the answer is yes. eFinancePLUS streamlines the management of K-12 financial and human resources data so that school administrators and employees can focus keeping the district running as efficiently as possible.

Easily accessible from a variety of devices, SunGard K-12’s financial and human resources management solution increases efficiency and streamlines processes within the complex educational ecosystem.

A streamlined experience for success across all district stakeholders

Our K-12 financial and human resource management solution offers administrators and employees the ability to easily manage the processes that contribute to financial and strategic district success. eFinancePLUS gives school districts the tools and resources needed to help leaders make better decisions based on actionable, relevant information. This is where district success starts.

Financial Management Solutions

Through real-time, accurate, and superior data access, streamline your accounting process and easily manage fiscal information, monitor workflows and general ledgers, and more.

Human Resource Success

With successful employee management from recruitment to retirement, our Human Resources success program in eFinancePLUS helps you centrally manage vital employee information.

Employee Access Center

Employees need a quick, simple experience that affords them the information they need, when they need it. EAC conveniently provides payroll and personnel information.

Employee Mobile Access

Access is critical in today’s K-12 environment. Whatever your job responsibilities, mobile access to vital HR information is essential and and available in our Employee App.

Redefining the K-12 industry standard and built for the future

If your district is looking for an intuitive, scalable, and secure financial and human resource management system designed to smartly manage payroll, personnel and employee data, you’ve found it. This powerful financial and human resource management solution is 100 percent web-based, highly configurable, and accessible anywhere your day takes you. By simplifying and streamlining the thousands of tasks performed daily by school district personnel, our K-12 ERP frees your staff to focus on district success.

Streamlined Efficiencies

SunGard K-12 works with your district to streamline your accounting and human resource processes. eFinancePLUS provides users easy and flexible access to the most important data right from the start.

Strategic Planning

With eFinancePLUS, all stakeholders can collaborate on how to help the district succeed. From budgeting and purchasing, to professional development and recruiting, a district's vital information can provide insight into key planning for the future.

Effective Decision Making

At-a-glance insights help your administrators make better decisions based on actionable, relevant district information. Real-time, superior data access ensures that employees have the information they need.

Customized Communication

Smart Notifications within eFinancelPLUS automatically inform staff when key events occur. Staff remains informed up-to-the minute, and doesn’t spend time searching for important data.

Network of Support

eFinancePLUS is completely supported from installation through implementation and beyond. This includes membership in user groups, collaboration between districts, and frequent calls to discuss regulatory requirements.

Seamless Integration

Through our revolutionary K-12 Integration Engine, districts have the unparalleled ability to easily integrate with multiple third-party systems that support the district's success needs.

Begin the transformation of your school district today and learn more about this innovative and award-winning k-12 financial and human resource management software.

Harrisonburg City Public Schools

“Change is often hard for people. But I can honestly say that every single one of the staff cannot believe the progress that we have made. We know where we were. We know how far we’ve come. And, we can see the possibilities of what [eFinancePLUS] can continue to do for us in the future.”