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Finally, a special education solution that keeps up with you.

With IEPPLUS, you get results-driven accountability at your pace.

District success, student achievement and efficiency all go together. However, without a K-12 special education solution that encompasses your district’s unique needs, achieving your district’s goals is difficult to accomplish. With IEPPLUS from SunGard K-12, districts of all sizes are revising outdated processes in favor of improving student success. From customizable workflows and procedural compliance to data integration and regulatory updates, SunGard K-12’s simplified user experiences and at-a-glance insights allow districts to work smarter, not harder.

Is it possible for a special education solution to drive district success? With IEPPLUS in your district, the answer is yes. IEPPLUS streamlines the management of K-12 special education data so that school administrators and staff can focus on what’s most important – improving education for special education students.

Easily accessible from a variety of devices, SunGard K-12’s special education solution increases efficiency and streamlines processes within the complex educational ecosystem.

A solution that helps your district stack the deck in favor of improved achievement.

Our K-12 special education solution offers administrators and staff the ability to easily be more informed, better equipped to handle cases and manage costs, and ready to dramatically improve education for special education students. IEPPLUS gives school districts the tools and resources needed to help leaders make better decisions based on actionable, relevant information. This is where district success starts.

Strategic Planning

With integrated and intuitive Web-based reporting for both administrators and users, the comprehensive data helps you make effective decisions for your special education programs.

Empowered Employees

By providing your staff with quick, easy access to information, contacts and meeting management, and the ability to write and track goals, your program focuses on success.

Simplified Regulatory

IEPPLUS’ simplified, real-time data entry Web-based MDE-modeled and IDEA-compliant forms help capture regulatory data with updates that help you meet changing regulatory needs.

Team Collaboration

With IEPPLUS, team members can interact in real-time so that all team members are better informed. Common goals are easily recognized and collaboration becomes the norm.

Providing your district with the tools to grow with special education.

IEPPLUS special education software allows district staff to efficiently manage the entire special education process—from referral, evaluation, and individual education plan development, to maintaining historical information and ensuring compliance with IDEA regulations.

Efficient Workflows

SunGard K-12 works with your district to revise outdated processes to favor improved student success. Proactive procedural compliance IEPPLUS puts traditional compliance work on autopilot, letting your staff focus more on students.

Seamless Integration

Through our revolutionary K-12 Integration Engine, districts have the unparalleled ability to easily integrate with multiple third-party systems that support the district's success needs.

User Customization

Individual education plans are at the heart of our special education management software. IEPPLUS provides customizable workflows that allow users to set up processes that mirror the way you want to work.

Intuitive Data Management

With a superior user interface, IEPPLUS makes it easier to manage the entire flow of special education information including scheduling, case load management, Medicaid billing, regulatory form packages, and more.

Streamlined Communication

Smart Notifications within IEPPLUS automatically inform staff when key events occur, and offers quick transitions from desktop to laptop to tablet. Staff remains informed up-to-the minute, and doesn’t spend time searching for important data.

Network of Support

IEPPLUS is completely supported from installation through implementation and beyond. This includes membership in user groups, collaboration between districts, and frequent calls to discuss regulatory requirements.

Begin the transformation of your school district today and learn more about this innovative k-12 special education software.

Rose Tree Media School District | Pennsylvania

“IEPPLUS helps us stay on top of the special education process. And, the connection between IEPPLUS and eSchoolPLUS is key because clean data is really a huge part of reducing errors.”