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Bringing K-12 District Success to Illinois

If you know of an Illinois school district working with SunGard K-12, that district is contributing to the remarkable fact that one in every six charter, public or private school students is currently supported by our educational management software. This deep level of trust we have rapidly gained from thousands of U.S. school administrators indicates SunGard K-12 not only provides exceptional student/teacher data guidance, but it also improves overall operational processes vital to the success of all school types.

Research confirms that students achieve greater academic success when teachers are able to collaborate on up-to-date curriculum, instruction and administrative information. In addition, the majority of Illinois K-12 school administration software functions far below the level seen in the Illinois school admin systems that utilize SunGard K-12. By investing in comprehensive school administrative software from SunGard K-12, your school will enjoy greater student success, help close the achievement gap, and eliminate inefficiencies responsible for reductions in ROI.

“Because of our satisfaction with the products, we’ve been moving more and more applications to the suite. We believe in the products—that the integration will work and that we’ll be able to get the information we need without duplicating entry.”

Big Advantages For Illinois School Districts That Use SunGard K-12.

Become a Member

The Midwest SunGard User Network (MIDSUN) is an active group of administrators who talk regularly and meet once a year at their annual conference.

Take Advantage

SunGard K-12 has Illinois Representatives who understand the regulatory aspects set forth by the ISBE, and serve as thought leaders in the state.


Join monthly calls to review upcoming changes, just-in-time training for an upcoming submission, design discussion, review of all cases from the past month, agenda items from customers, and more.

Get the Scoop

SunGard K-12 tracks changes and new requirements released by the ISBE and notifies each district, in a timely manner, about the changes.

Be Involved

Illinois school districts play a large role in SunGard K-12 product design by offering suggestions, enhancements, and new ideas to make the product perfect for Illinois schools.

Be Accurate

SunGard K-12 works closely with Illinois school districts to provide the resources, tools, on-going support, and thought leadership for accurate reporting.

Collaborate and Learn

Illinois IEPPLUS users collaborate with SunGard K-12 staff in product design, and also participate in a special education user group.

Be Compliant

We provide a variety of utilities to generate submission files for ISBE required submissions including PARCC and DLM Pre-ID, ISCS Course Assignments and Student Demographics.

Be Informed

PLUS 360 Student Drawer provides real-time access to student information in eSchoolPLUS for the special education team.

Learn More About the SunGard K-12 Illinois District Success Ecosystem.

Transforming information into workable insights and solutions requires seamless communication between an Illinois school administration system and the people relying on the system. SunGard K-12’s primary purpose is to unite the gap between biotic and abiotic parts of a district’s ecosystem by evaluating and addressing the needs of the biotic component, or living members, of the ecosystem, and implementing the abiotic (software and services) part for optimal solutions.

Since the educational, human resource and financial demands of schools vary greatly among districts, SunGard K-12 is equipped for expertly analyzing your Illinois school regulatory reporting requirements and offering the best solutions possible. Instead of an unhealthy school ecosystem collecting information haphazardly, SunGard K-12 works to centralize and disperse data in an organized fashion to prevent wasting time on counterproductive, costly programs.

Show me the ecosystem

Trending Educational Issues in Illinois — SunGard K-12’s Primary Targets

  • Addressing rigorous rules governing K-12 regulatory reporting in Illinois
  • Maintaining student data privacy in Illinois
  • Proactively equipping Illinois school superintendents and shareholders with accurate, timely information regarding school funding ROI
  • Providing workable solutions to budgetary issues impacting Illinois schools
  • Implementing modern resources and tools to help struggling students
  • Replying expeditiously to requests for additional tools


School personnel should spend the majority of their time helping students achieve academic goals, not dealing with inefficient and outdated software. Contact SunGard K-12 today to learn more about our innovative Illinois K-12 school administration solutions.

See Why We’re Receiving High Marks in Illinois School Districts.

Student Information System

Our K-12 student solutions are tailored to Illinois-specific challenges.

SunGard K-12 ERP

See how our ERP solutions provide Illinois-specific regulatory reporting and unrivaled, personalized support.

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