The SunGard K-12 executive team leads by example. - SunGard K-12
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The SunGard K-12 executive team leads by example.

The actions of leaders matter, and the SunGard K-12 executive team demonstrates this in all they do. Standing behind the company mission, this team not only influences SunGard K-12 employees, but the entire K-12 industry with thought leadership and solution development with one goal in mind: student achievement.

Frank Lavelle

CEO | SunGard Public Sector & Education

Adam Eberle

Chief Commercial Officer

Dave Rice

Chief Operating Officer

Kathleen Hawkes

Vice President of Support Operations

Chris Everleth

Vice President of Development

Joel Hames, M.Ed.

Vice President of Product

Eric S. Walsh, PMP

Vice President of Professional Services

Mary Beth Linsenmann

Director, People Office

Dave Madea

Vice President of Finance - CFO

“We have confidence that SunGard K-12 Education will stay parallel with us in terms of recognizing what we need. We’re getting responses before we can really make a request. That’s really at the vanguard of service. We’re very, very satisfied.”


James M. Wigo, Sr. | Superintendent | Rose Tree Media School District, PA