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Frank Lavelle

Chief Executive Officer | SunGard Public Sector & Education

frank lavelle

Frank Lavelle, chief executive officer (CEO) of SunGard Public Sector and K-12, brings industry knowledge, a passion for education, and more than 30 years’ experience in leadership roles to SunGard K-12. Frank previously held executive-level positions with Xerox and Siemens Medical Solutions, where he gained extensive experience in the government, education and medical sectors. Prior to joining SunGard K-12, Mr. Lavelle served as president of MedQuist, a leading provider of medical transcription, coding and voice recognition software technology and services. Mr. Lavelle also spent three (3) years as President and CEO of Siemens Medical Solutions (SMS) Health Services Division and 12 years as a senior executive of Shared Medical Systems which was acquired by Siemens.  He also served as an Executive Vice President at LaFrance Corporation, a production integrated manufacturer based in Philadelphia, PA.

According to Frank, “At SunGard K-12, we have equal parts engineers and operational district specialists; it is this distinct combination of skill set that allows us to put the focus back on where it always belonged: student achievement. Our focus has always been action, accountability, administration, and reform; these are the four pillars that prop up our vision for connecting/supporting a productive educational ecosystem.”