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Joel Hames, M.Ed.

Vice President, Product


Joel Hames, vice president, product at SunGard K-12 is a member of the company’s Leadership Team. In this role, Joel is responsible for overall product direction and vision at SunGard K-12. After consulting with teachers and administrators at school districts across the nation, he works closely -with the company’s developers, sales team, customer support representatives, and professional services team to ensure that all SunGard K-12 applications evolve to meet the challenges school districts will face. With almost 17 years of experience managing enterprise systems as an information and instructional technology leader at various school districts, Joel brings a wealth of experience and deep understanding to his role. He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of California, Irvine, and a master’s degree in educational psychology at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

According to Joel, “With this transition [to eSchoolPLUS 4.0], we’ve taken a very stable, proven, reliable workhorse of a student information system and transformed it with advances that our customers and others have said will make a real difference in education. This effort, which has been more than a year in development, is important to us because we believe that it will support educators in doing the incredibly important work they do for this nation’s children.”