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SunGard K-12 is proud to report our school administration software now supports one in every six U.S students attending U.S. public and private schools. As a popular Michigan K-12 student information system, we appreciate the fact that school administrators in Michigan and across the country depend on us for delivering the superior solutions to difficult dilemmas affecting their students, teachers, parents, and staff.

In addition, SunGard K-12’s curriculum and assessment management software provides Michigan school districts with the resources needed to develop and establish positive changes essential for student success. From longitudinal tracking of administrative and student performance to curriculum management to ensuring compliance with Michigan school regulatory reporting, SunGard K-12 will empower your students, staff, and administrators with the tools necessary to achieve your goals.

“Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District’s educational region covers three counties and 4,000 square miles in Michigan and includes 18 separate school districts. When we selected SunGard K-12’s eFinancePLUS as our new regional system three years ago, we were looking to partner with a progressive company. In SunGard K-12, that’s what we found.”

Big Advantages For Michigan School Districts That Use SunGard K-12.

Become a Member

Join an active user group to discuss regulatory requirements, software enhancements, and dialogue with other Michigan customers.

Be in the Know

SunGard K-12 works closely with the Center for Educational Performance and Information, enabling us to get quick responses and clarification on state documents.

Be Involved

Michigan school districts play a large role in SunGard K-12 product design by offering suggestions, enhancements, and new ideas to make the products fit Michigan like a glove (not a mitten!).

Take Advantage

IEPPLUS 5 and eSchoolPLUS are integrated, letting IEPPLUS users leverage eSchooLPLUS data for SDS reporting without additional steps.

Get the Scoop

SunGard K-12 tracks changes and new requirements released by MDE and notifies each district, in a timely manner, about the changes.

Be Accurate

SunGard K-12 works closely with Michigan school districts to provide the resources, tools, on-going support, and thought leadership for accurate reporting.

Be Informed

The PLUS 360 Student Drawer provides real-time access to student information in eSchoolPLUS for the special education team.

Be Sure

FTE Verification reports let users view the FTE data submitted for each student which can be very useful for auditing purposes.


Monthly calls with SunGard K-12 discuss upcoming changes, just-in-time training for upcoming submissions, design discussions, case reviews, and much more!

Learn More About the SunGard K-12 Michigan District Success Ecosystem.

Michigan school administration systems, like all other schools, are ecosystems relying on the seamless interaction between the biotic (living) and the abiotic (nonliving) components. In nature, an ecosystem’s living parts consist of plants and animals, and the nonliving parts — water, air, landscape, etc. —  provide support for the living.

Within school systems, teachers, students, parents, administrative staff, and the community represent the biotic parts, while technology (computers, software, networks, services) represents the abiotic. Unless the interface connecting people to technology within a school system is powerful, accessible, and specifically designed to coordinate and maximize availability of essential information, the system fails to thrive. SunGard K-12 provides that type of robust interface every school needs to succeed on all levels. By utilizing our Michigan SIS and ERP solutions, your school will enjoy the benefits of operating within a healthy, consistently growing ecosystem conducive to achieving student and administrative accomplishments.

Show me the ecosystem

SunGard K-12 Focuses on Educational Trends in Michigan

  • ACA reporting requirements, changes and compliance training
  • Ongoing modifications to Michigan’s reporting requirements
  • Evaluating at-risk calculations to assist in determining whether students are at-risk according to state guidelines
  • Providing Michigan school superintendents with accurate and timely data that works to maximize school funding ROI
  • Addressing the need for additional resources designed to help struggling and special education students
  • Answering requests for professional development resources and tools
  • Reducing inadvertent mismanagement of school districts facing funding shortages

To find out more about implementing SunGard K-12 solutions into your school, contact us today.

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