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District Success for the Buckeye State

SunGard K-12 supports the academic success of one in every six American students attending charter, private and public schools. That powerful statistic tells us that thousands of U.S. schools, including those in Ohio, depend on SunGard K-12 for streamlining all facets of administrative operations. From student information, curriculum management, and developing special education programs to implementing human resource solutions and managing student/teacher interactions, SunGard K-12 represents the quintessential software tool for ensuring your district achieves desired goals and remains compliant with K-12 regulatory reporting in Ohio.

Ohio schools opting to integrate SunGard K-12 into their district enjoy immediate access to a wealth of data and solutions supporting the resolution of issues that often prevent schools from meeting or exceeding administrative expectations. In addition, many Ohio student information management systems still operate using legacy technology that fails to contribute to academic success, growth, and innovation.

Relying on outdated technology also puts unnecessary stress on your school’s budget, staff, and teachers. By replacing your old Ohio student information software with SunGard K-12 software, you eliminate the inconsistencies, duplications and inefficiencies that stop your district from performing at peak level.

“Home Access Center from SunGard K-12 is mission critical to Hilliard City Schools ability to connect with parents. In Home Access Center, parents are able to look at relevant student information on a dynamic basis—whether it’s grades, daily assignments, attendance, fees, and so on. The software gets parents involved with their children’s teachers and tightly in tune with the progress they’re making. There has been a very positive impact on student achievement in that both parents and students can keep up to date on the progress of day-to-day classwork.”

Big Advantages For Ohio School Districts That Use SunGard K-12.

Become a Member

Our User Group in Ohio (OPUG) is an active group of administrators who participate in weekly update calls and meet twice a year at various districts on Ohio.

Take Advantage

We regularly attend and speak at the conferences of the Ohio Association of EMIS Professionals and Ohio Education Data Systems Association and update each district regarding changes and trends.


Two times each month, SunGard K-12 hosts calls for IEPPLUS users to discuss regulatory requirements, software enhancements, and the exchange of ideas.

Get the Scoop

We are active participants in monthly EMIS discussions with the Ohio Department of Education providing feedback and recommendations about changes, and then reporting our findings back to each district.

Stay Connected

SunGard K-12 is the industry’s recognized thought leader. Stay informed in Ohio with research, white papers, and data that we provide to school districts.

Be Accurate

SunGard K-12 works closely with Ohio school districts to provide the resources, tools, and on-going support for accurate reporting.

Gain Access

With the SunGard K-12 Admin Mobile App, Ohio administrators have access to important student information on any mobile device.

Be Compliant

SunGard K-12 provides ongoing regulatory support and reporting to school districts in Ohio through our staff of industry leading experts.

Be Informed

PLUS 360 Student Drawer provides seamless access to up-to-date special education information right in eSchoolPLUS.

Learn More About the SunGard K-12 Ohio Success Ecosystem.

An Ohio school administration system is similar to an ecosystem containing living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) parts. Unless both parts are functioning properly, one section cannot sustain the other without the entire ecosystem suffering. SunGard K-12 creates a technologically modern bridge spanning the gap between your school’s biotic (teachers, students, administrators, parents and service providers) and inefficient abiotic (your existing software) components.

When connected seamlessly by SunGard K-12 software, your Ohio school’s admin system and biotic users will communicate quickly, effectively, and accurately, leveraging student achievement, operational efficiency and professional development.

Show Me the Ecosystem

SunGard K-12 Focuses on Ohio’s Educational Trends and Initiatives

  • 2016-2017 changes in School Employees Retirement System in Ohio (SERS)
  • Continued modifications to the Education Management Information System (EMIS)
  • Budgetary impacts on lower socioeconomic Ohio school districts
  • School funding ROI and proactively equipping superintendents with real-time information
  • More tools and resources for at-risk students struggling academically
  • Additional requests for professional development tools
  • Addressing issues unique to struggling urban schools in northern Ohio

See Why We’re Receiving High Marks in Ohio School Districts.

Student Information System

Our K-12 student solutions are tailored to Ohio-specific challenges.

SunGard K-12 ERP

See how our ERP solutions provide Ohio-specific regulatory reporting and unrivaled, personalized support.

National Awards for Proven Ohio Solutions

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