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Supporting one in every six U.S. students attending a charter, private or public school, SunGard K-12 continues to earn the trust of hardworking school administrators across the country. By utilizing SunGard K-12 to streamline and improve all facets of a school’s operation, Pennsylvania school administrators can adhere PA regulatory reporting demands while increasing student achievement. Administrators and staff also have immediate access to student information, curriculum mapping and assessment development and analysis solutions, and special education support. In addition, SunGard K-12 facilitates finding resolutions to financial and human resource issues commonly affecting Pennsylvania school administration systems.

Pennsylvania school districts implementing SunGard K-12 are discovering the many benefits of relying on our proprietary software. From dramatically improving student success by reinforcing efficiency across traditional educational boundaries to nourishing productivity of administrators, teachers and staff, SunGard K-12 continues to provide applications necessary to enhance any Pennsylvania school or district.

“All school districts have the goal of supporting student achievement. The struggle is how do you record, track, and retrieve data on a regular basis so that you can immediately address issues that would be contrary to that goal. Without qualification, the SunGard K-12 Education products serve an unbelievably important purpose by helping us accomplish those tasks.”

Big Advantages For Pennsylvania School Districts That Use SunGard K-12.

Become a Member

Our PA User Group hosts an annual conference featuring sessions on all products, SunGard K-12 executives, strategy sessions, and more!

Take Advantage

Clean, user-friendly reports to quickly and easily communicate data to principals and staff members.


Weekly PA User Group calls provide updates and promote dialogue among our eSchoolPLUS customers.

Get the Scoop

Abundant ERP reporting support for PIMS, PSERS, Act 153/15, and more provides users with accurate information when they need it.

Be Involved

Join an advisory group consisting of a subset of the customers (selected by peers) to help facilitate large projects, custom projects, regulatory changes, etc.

Be Accurate

Robust regulatory reporting data check reports for special education help users quickly validate their data for error-free reporting.


When new requirements occur, we work closely with select customers to design, develop, and test the solution before releasing to the entire group of state customers.

Be Compliant

Take advantage of the PDE-4062/Auditor report, used to verify PIMS Student Calendar data.

Be Informed

Monthly IEPPLUS User Group calls discuss regulatory requirements, software enhancements and to promote dialogue among the customers.

Learn More About the SunGard K-12 Pennsylvania District Success Ecosystem.

At SunGard K-12, we like to think of a Pennsylvania school district as an ecosystem with two distinct parts —abiotic and biotic. The human, or biotic, parts of a school system consists of administrators, teachers, students, parents and state/federal government agencies implicated in numerous school operations. Just as important to the success of any school system are its non-human, or abiotic, components, specifically the hardware and software supporting the ability of the biotic part to perform certain duties.

In researching struggling Pennsylvania school administration systems, we usually find a problematic gap between the abiotic and biotic parts that prevents schools from consistently achieving their goals. SunGard K-12 administrative software bridges that gap to create a dynamic connectivity within the ecosystem. Administrators, teachers, parents, and students make use of what SunGard K-12’s technology has to offer to create one system that is cohesive and efficient.

Show me the ecosystem

Focusing on Educational Trends and Initiatives in Pennsylvania

  • Integration of easily managed platforms accessible by school administration, teachers, parents, and students
  • Advancement of transparency in Pennsylvania school systems by establishing centralized databases and quicker paths to essential information
  • Pennsylvania-specific regulatory reporting and support for student, special education, and ERP solutions
  • Creating utilities to make processing student data even easier for our users
  • School funding ROI and proactively equipping superintendents with accurate, timely information
  • Demand for more tools and resources for struggling students
  • Additional requests for professional development tools


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Student Information Systems

Our K-12 student solutions are are tailored to Pennsylvania's uniqe challenges.

SunGard K-12 ERP

See how our ERP provides PA-specific regulatory reporting and unrivaled, personalized support.

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