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PLUS 360®

Lead without Limits

Education is no longer just about competing in a classroom. Instead, it is about preparing students to succeed in a new global market. With PLUS 360, educators are able to access the information needed to engage students, affect positive change, and ultimately, improve student achievement.

PLUS 360 school software enables your school district to comprehensively support student learning. With our K-12 management software, your teachers and staff can spend less time on record keeping and administrative tasks and more time on your students. Our powerful, flexible solutions meet the individual needs of your district with usable and intuitive student management tools.

Take Advantage of PLUS 360 Tools

Our school administration management software features a variety of tools including:

  • A comprehensive school administration and management system
  • Integrated student and financial solutions
  • Parent and student portal access
  • Industry-leading gradebook software for teachers
  • Intuitive student data management software
  • Employee access
  • Special Education Management

By taking advantage of gradebook software, you can streamline your school’s grading processes to save time and money. On the financial side, your HR and financial processes will be smoother and more efficient with online employee access, and integrated data to reduce redundant data entry.

PLUS 360 is also the industry leader in both breadth and flexibility. SunGard K-12 builds software that covers all aspects of school district management, from curriculum tracking and special education management to financial and human resource administration. Our programs work together effortlessly and are customizable to your particular goals. Our software solutions also work seamlessly on their own, so you can keep the management systems you are comfortable with and replace what isn’t working with SunGard K-12 solutions.

SunGard K-12 Core Principles

At SunGard K-12, we focus on developing school student management software that empowers staff and teachers. Our software engineers focus on four core principles:

  • Usability
  • Efficiency
  • Depth
  • Flexibility

If you’re looking for breadth and adaptability, SunGard is the only K-12 school district software you need. Our service and customer care supports you and your system to ensure it continues to meet your needs after installation.

Use our standards-based gradebook online along with our mobile apps to give administrators, , parents, and students easy access to the records and information they need. Reporting progress to students and parents is a key part of helping students succeed, and our tools make it simple. Students and parents will have a clearer picture of their progress, and teachers will spend less time on frustrating reporting systems.

PLUS 360 is a powerful and more efficient approach to K-12 education technology. This innovative solution brings together:

Think of it as a comprehensive educational resource planning solution for your district. Click here to download our student information management solutions brochure.

We proudly serve school districts nationwide, including schools in PA, TX, MI, OH and IL.