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IEPPLUS 5 Change the Game for Special Education

Tag! You’re It!

That’s what special education management has felt like for so many years. Overworked special education staff tagging each other in when it’s time to do their part. And just as in a game of tag, collaboration is scattered and irregular, often leaving the participants feeling isolated and unsure that progress is being made. On top of that, too much time is spent on traditional procedural compliance rather than overall student achievement.

Changing the Game for Special Education Management? Really?

Outdated software, policies, and workflows are not giving special education students the education they deserve. IEPPLUS 5 truly is changing the game for special education management while still helping districts meet essential federal and state regulations. Read more to see how we can help your district:


With IEPPLUS 5 growth can be captured and shared in real-time so that all team members are better informed, common goals are easily recognized, and collaboration becomes the norm.

  • The student profile provides at-a-glance, always-updated views of activity relating to a student along with historical data.

Integrated workflows eliminate the need to chase people down for their signatures. When something needs done, they will be notified, and your entire team can know the status at any time.

  • Take advantage of multi-user forms and progress reporting with auto-saving fields.
  • Staff teams provide visibility of team member responsibilities for common students.


  • Built for mobile use. IEPPLUS 5 is always at your side and information is always at the ready, whenever and wherever you are (tablet and desktop).
  • Contextual info helps your team learn more without having to search for the data.


  • IEPPLUS 5 works WITH you. Proactive procedural compliance in the software puts traditional compliance work on autopilot, letting your staff focus more on student success.
  • Customizable workflows allow you to set up processes that mirror the way you want to work.
  • Form validation eliminates worries about whether a form is filled out correctly and the inevitable rework involved in fixing form errors.
  • Real-time proactive compliance monitoring, rapid regulatory updates, and comprehensive regulatory form packages take the worry out of procedural compliance.
  • Near real-time data integration with eSchoolPLUS eliminates redundant data entry and worries about data validity.

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