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Strategic Alliance Program

About the Strategic Alliance Program

SunGard K-12 and the trusted, third party providers in this program help users of our software extend the functionality of their investment. The SunGard K-12 Strategic Alliance Program (SAP) is designed to:

  • Recruit and support high-quality vendors that provide complementary functionality to SunGard K-12’s core product lines.
  • Improve the overall breadth of solutions offered to SunGard K-12 customers.
  • Create a framework that can help build successful relationships among customers, solution providers, and SunGard K-12.
The Strategic Alliance Program features two classifications for solutions. The SunGard K-12 API is available to all vendors who join the program.

Preferred Solutions
Industry-leading resources and software that elegantly extend SunGard K-12 products. When using our combined solutions, customers experience robust interoperability, efficiency, support, and overall satisfaction.   Integration is accomplished through close coordination of the two companies, and will often include more features than our SunGard K-12 API.  Only one Preferred Solution will be chosen in an application area.

Approved Solutions
Approved Solutions reliably, accurately, and securely share data with SunGard K-12 products.  Our customers can confidently use these solutions to complement their SunGard K-12 products.   The interfaces are written and documented by the Approved Solution vendor using the SunGard K-12 API.  There may be more than one Approved Solution in a particular application area.

Solutions are beginning to be certified for our new program, click below to explore. More are on the way!

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