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Strategic Alliance Program

About the Strategic Alliance Program

SunGard K-12 and the trusted, third party providers in this program help users of our software extend the functionality of their investment. The SunGard K-12 Strategic Alliance Program (SAP) is designed to:

  • Recruit and support high-quality vendors that provide complementary functionality to SunGard K-12’s core product lines.
  • Improve the overall breadth of solutions offered to SunGard K-12 customers.
  • Create a framework that can help build successful relationships among customers, solution providers, and SunGard K-12.
The Strategic Alliance Program features two classifications for solutions:

Preferred Solutions
Preferred Solutions are industry-leading resources and software that elegantly extend SunGard K-12 products. When using our combined solutions, customers experience robust interoperability, efficiency, support, and overall satisfaction.

Only one Preferred Solution will be chosen in an application area. A provider may have multiple solutions in the Strategic Alliance Program.

Approved Solutions
Using modern interoperability tools, Approved Solutions reliably, accurately, and securely share data with SunGard K-12 products. These tools are trusted resources our customers can confidently use to complement their SunGard K-12 software. There may be more than one Approved Solution in a particular application area

Solutions are beginning to be certified for our new program, click below to explore. More are on the way!

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