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Approved Solutions

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Apple School Manager

The Apple School Manager integration enables you to synchronize your student and course data from eSchoolPLUS to Apple’s system for managing Apple devices, apps, and accounts.

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CareDox delivers free health technology for K-12 schools. We’re the leading health technology platform for public schools and families, with over 1 million students under care.
Career Cruising is a global leader in career development software for people of all ages. No other program offers the fun, intuitive, engaging experience that brings potential to life.

Equip your high school students with a purpose-built digital edge. Compass Learning High School delivers credit recovery, full-course academic and career/technical instruction, and supplemental content to support any lesson plans. Digital is a big part of their future—invest in it now with:

  • Delivery options to meet multiple of needs
  • Explicit instruction, practice, assessment, and certification paths
  • Engaging, student-friendly interactive content to increase both motivation and information retention

Position your students ahead of the curve in an increasingly digitized world. Give them Compass Learning High School.

Content360 is a document management solution seamlessly integrated with eSchoolPLUS, BusinessPLUS, and eFinancePLUS.  It allows SunGard K-12 clients to scan, store, retrieve, and route documents through workflows.  Content360 integrates with SunGard K-12 applications through non-invasive tools to leverage data to automate document indexing and capture, route documents through workflows, and access documents with a single click from any SunGard K-12 application screen. Content360 is an enterprise solution for K-12 school districts so all departments can benefit from going paperless.


Discipline Manager goes beyond discipline reporting to helping administrators manage the discipline process. With an effective discipline process, more students stay in class so more students pass.


Frontline Recruiting & Hiring™ helps districts track, assess, onboard and manage employees throughout the application and training process, filling classrooms, offices and facilities with the most qualified and capable applicants. Frontline Recruiting & Hiring™ follows the entire application cycle to
ensure the right person is selected and properly trained for the position, a key to the success of our districts’ students and schools.

SunGard K-12 and FrontStream have collaborated to offer a seamlessly integrated payment solution that combines the power of SunGard K-12’s eSchoolPLUS student information system and FrontStream’s revolutionary fasttransact™ payment platform. This relationship enables school districts to take advantage of an online credit card and electronic check payment solution that has been built into their existing software. FrontStream’s proprietary fasttransact™ platform is the first single-source payment capture and data management system of its kind.


Hero is built to capture the complete picture of student behavior, from full support for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) initiatives to incident tracking and referral data collection. Access to the real-time behavior data in Hero allows administrators to address positive and negative behaviors quickly and effectively, while comprehensive reporting keeps stakeholders informed about your school’s progress towards behavioral goals. With Hero, administrators are empowered to make information-based decisions informed not only by the student academic data, but by the unprecedented access to student behavior data that only Hero provides.


Hybridge K–8 software from Compass Learning makes combining digital and face-to-face instruction easy and can make an existing blended environment more manageable, with:

  • Delivery, differentiation, and alignment options — where the teacher stays in control
  • Full integration with national assessments for data-driven instruction
  • Rich reporting tools for high-level instructional decision making

Inspired by educators like you. Accelerate learning with Hybridge.

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Integrated online forms is a centralized database that securely integrates with your current student information system. Our encrypted database securely integrates with your current student information system. Parents and students enter data directly and easily, eliminating errors. Administrators, teachers, coaches and support staff can access customizable forms and organize student data — anywhere, anytime. Parents and students enjoy easy enrollment, class registration, and more! School personnel can create custom forms for applications, enrollments, registrations, permissions, and payments. Parents can respond to teacher requests anywhere, anytime.  Save time, paper, and printing costs. Organize and facilitate payments with ease.


Compass Learning Odyssey includes lessons and activities built upon current, proven research about the way students learn. Compass Learning Odyssey features:

  • Pretests to determine needs and pinpoint skill gaps for each student
  • Automatically generated individualized learning paths
  • Engaging, rigorous instruction delivered through video, audio, animation, and interactive writing tools
  • Reporting functions to generate reliable data for instructional decision making

Pathblazer K–8 math and reading intervention software helps educators engage discouraged students, hold their attention, and deliver precise instruction to accelerate kids to grade level.

  • Adaptive screeners and diagnostics
  • Scaffolding and non-repetitive reteaching
  • Real-time actionable data to inform instructional decisions
PFI Powered by PaySchools Logo (PFI) is a secure web-based system which simplifies payment, collection and balancing of funds for school districts.  PFI is an enterprise solution supporting food service, fees, activities, fund raisers, after school programs and registrations across your district. It enables parents to pay fees and fund accounts quickly and easily online.  Allowing parents the option to opt into and manage email reminders about their student’s accounts. It has a Mobile App that allows parents to fund their student’s lunch accounts, view account balances and see what their students have purchased in the cafeteria for the past 30 days.

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QuikLunch is our easy-to-use cafeteria point-of-sale application. This solution was designed for cafeterias to quickly and easily accept payments while integrating with you SIS and other district software. QuikLunch runs on a web based platform, cloud computing and provides complete centralized management of your district’s POS.  It will continue to operate even if it has been disconnected from the network.  It is customizable to accommodate all of the different meal processing configurations.  It has robust state and federal reporting capabilities.

The only true paperless solution of its kind, Registration Gateway streamlines K-12 student registration, re-enrollment and information tracking into a simple, intuitive process. By digitizing and automatically integrating data into existing student information systems, Registration Gateway saves money and increases compliance.


SafeTransport is a solution built from the ground up to help school transportation offices enhance student safety and do their jobs more efficiently than ever. SafeTransport provides everything from real-time bus tracking and powerful run building tools to seamless state mileage reporting. A companion mobile app also keeps parents in the loop, providing estimated arrival times and notifications in the event of delays.


SameGoal is a Special Education and Diverse Student Tracking System with a focus on customized form sets and workflows. SameGoal includes IEPs, evaluations, Section 504 plans, gifted plans, RTI, ESL/ELL, and reading improvement plans as well as allowing districts to add custom form sets.

SchoolMint is a complete online and mobile enrollment solution including registration & re-enrollment management, application and lottery management, year-round fee collection and communications (trigger based and manual – using text, email, automated voice calls, letters), custom forms and document uploads, and powerful enrollment insights unmatched by any product in the market.

 SNAP Health Center

SNAP Health Center by PSNI is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) software suite designed specifically for the school health clinic. Integrating with SunGard K-12’s eSchoolPlus, schools are able to achieve better student health outcomes by streamlining clinic workflow, increasing communication with parents and school staff, and providing comprehensive health data analysis. With a focus on flexibility and security, districts of any size benefit from increased efficiency and reduced liabilities. For over 23 years, SNAP Health Center has remained the most trusted and widely used comprehensive school-based EHR servicing nearly 4 million students in 44 states and 25 countries.

  More approved solutions are coming soon.
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