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identifi™ – a powerful award-winning ID system that uses finger scanning technology with PLUS 360 to provide indisputable proof of student ID. Classroom attendance, late attendance, cafeteria, library, nurse’s office – everywhere where 100% accurate student ID is required. identiMetrics is the leader in providing biometric finger scanning solutions for K-12 schools. identiMetrics was selected by District Administration Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products and is proud to be a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge.
Aspire Perform by Mizuni allows school districts to establish and monitor goals across student performance indicators shown by research to predict student achievement. The intuitive web interface enables educators to monitor performance trends for each individual student while also providing analysis at the classroom, small learning community, grade, and school building levels. Using these performance trends, school districts can effectively implement district-wide early warning systems, dropout prevention programs, campus improvement plans, or other data-driven initiatives.
Parchment is the most advanced academic credential management system available, allowing learners, academic institutions, and employers to request, verify, and share credentials in simple and secure ways. The platform has helped millions of people and thousands of schools and universities exchange more than 20 million transcripts and other credentials globally. Founded in 2003, Parchment Inc. is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, with offices in Roseville, CA, Denver, CO, Grand Rapids, MI, Toronto, ON and Washington, DC. Follow Parchment on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn. Learn more.
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SunGard’s PayNetExchange is a SaaS solution; a web-enabled service on a single platform that provides payment execution services for all payment types for a variety of industries and state and local governments (B2B and G2B).

SunGard’s payment execution services include traditional check printing and delivery in a secure facility as well as the migration of vendors to ePayments and the associated processing of electronic payments such as ACH, wires and cards. PayNetExchange manages all of the various secure bank connections for the customer. PayNetExchange also enables corporations to transition from printing and mailing checks with remittances to either ACH electronic payments or card payments with electronic remittances, without requiring changes to existing A/P processes.

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Print to Mail™ products remove all guess work and anxiety when you need to order any type of form: checks, grade reports, notifications, and year-end tax forms. Forms are available in laser or pressure seal formats. Our Print to Mail™ machines and forms simplify the once tedious and expensive task of manually folding checks/documents, inserting, and addressing and labeling envelopes. All Print to Mail™ products are tested and approved by SunGard K-12 student and financial products and guaranteed by Print to Mail™ for compatibility.


Print to MailHouse is a great solution for saving money on every piece of mail sent by providing automated CASS certification, adding the Intelligent Mail Barcode to outgoing mail, sorting the print queues and producing all USPS reports for mailing. There is no complicated software to learn; just print to Print to MailHouse and let us do the rest.

Schoology—used by millions of students and educators in K-12 schools and universities around the world—combines dynamic learning management, an easy-to-use collaborative interface, and next-generation API integration into one innovative solution. Schoology transforms learning into a media-rich interactive experience where students, teachers, parents, and administrators work together to raise student achievement worldwide. Available as an integrated enterprise-class solution deployed in schools or across districts, Schoology is user-centric and scalable for any blended learning environment.
As a school, you have a unique set of concerns. Some organizations need to track employees in transportation more closely while others are more concerned about how to handle multiple maintenance department members moving back and forth through different campuses. With more than 27 years of experience, TimeClock Plus offers its latest web-based v7 software delivered as either a cloud-based solution or as an on-premise application. Time clock devices, mobile apps, as well as IVR options, are also available to address all of your time and attendance needs.
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SunGard K-12 Education is partnering with ANCILE Solutions to deliver learning content to customers to support their use of eSchoolPLUS™, BusinessPLUS™, and eFinancePLUS™. Customers have access to expert-developed learning materials to get the most of their SunGard application use. In addition, school districts will also have the option to license ANCILE uPerform™ Express to customize and create new learning content to benefit school staff and district administrators.
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