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Maximize Your School’s Potential with Adaptable Public School Solutions

SunGard K-12 public school administration software helps public schools maximize the educational potential of their communities. Our software is designed to be powerful enough to meet today’s classroom challenges, while being flexible enough to adapt to your district’s needs.

Whatever challenges your district faces, SunGard K-12 public school administration system can help you meet them.

Gain a Comprehensive View

Our PLUS 360 system will give you a comprehensive view of your public school. This public school administration system helps you:

  • Manage student information
  • Assess students and manage curriculum
  • Support special education
  • Manage finances and human resources

We know that public school districts face new, global challenges. At SunGard K-12, we’re here to make your administration duties easier, so you can gain back time to focus on your students.

Track Student Outcomes

eSchoolPLUS is a complete public school student management solution designed to help your district track vital facts and figures. With resourceful tools and data at your disposal, you can track student outcomes and make proper improvements to your school or district.

Implemented on its own or as part of a more comprehensive SunGard K-12 solution, eSchoolPLUS includes:

  • Web-based technology for maximum configurability
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Online access for teachers, parents, students and administrators
  • Mobile access for administrators
  • Effective management of demographics, scheduling, attendance, discipline and transcripts

Analyze Curriculum and Track Performance

PerformancePLUS is a powerful tool for curriculum management and student assessment — and it works with the diverse needs of public school districts. Working on its own or alongside other SunGard K-12 public school administration systems, PerformancePLUS gives you:

  • Comprehensive assessment tools for analysis of student progress
  • Adaptable tracking methodologies and individual learning plans
  • Instructional design workflows
  • Curriculum analysis to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses
  • Tools to implement best practices

Manage Special Education for Public Schools

IEPPLUS is a powerful special education solution for public schools. It enables educators to easily track student enrollment and progress from referral to achievement. IEPPLUS allows your public school to:

  • Track compliance with state and district regulations
  • Create and manage individual education plans
  • Manage student and parent scheduling and contacts
  • Simplify complicated billing and reimbursement processes

Make the Most of Your Resources

SunGard K-12 public school HR software is at the forefront of education technology and is also highly adaptable. eFinancePLUS and BusinessPLUS provide a fully web-based solution for your accounting and human resource needs. Available as stand-alone solutions or with other SunGard K-12 systems, they help your district:

  • Manage compliance with GAAP, GASB, and GAAFR requirements
  • Organize fiscal, purchasing, and budgeting information
  • Simplify procurement and vendor access
  • Track recruitment and professional development

Every school and district has unique, but equally important needs and at SunGard K-12, we create solutions that meet each one. Contact us today to determine which public school solution is right for you.