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Finally, a student information management system that actually manages student information.

With eSchoolPLUS, district success is in the books. Literally.

District success and student achievement go hand-in-hand. However, without the right K-12 student information management software supporting your administration, district success is difficult to accomplish. With eSchoolPLUS from SunGard K-12, districts across the country are realizing unprecedented successes. From student achievement to advanced data analytics, SunGard K-12’s simplified user experiences and longevity platform set districts on the path to success.

Is it possible for a student information system to drive student achievement? With eSchoolPLUS in your district, the answer is a resounding yes. eSchoolPLUS streamlines the management of a K-12 student information system so that school administrators and teachers can focus on what’s most important — giving students the best education possible.

Easily accessible from a variety of devices, SunGard K-12’s student information management solution increases efficiency and streamlines communication within the complex educational ecosystem.

Chosen by more than 600 successful school districts nationwide.

Access for all influencers in achievement.

Our K-12 student information management solution offers direct access for administrators, teachers, parents, and students whether they are at home or on the go. By making it easier to connect, eSchoolPLUS helps facilitate the conversations that contribute to academic and district success. Our award-winning student information software gives school districts the tools and resources needed to exceed expectations and support the kind of student learning necessary to succeed in a 21st century global digital economy. That really is access for all.

Teacher Access Center

By using eSchoolPLUS, teachers have a classroom management solution that simplifies the complexities of day-to-day tasks and communication.

Home Access Center

By providing parents with the resources to view grades, attendance, and assignments, they can become more engaged in their child's education.

Mobile Access

Access is critical in today’s K-12 environment. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, administrator or student, mobile access is essential.

Online Enrollment

With Online Enrollment from SunGard K-12, parents have the ability to enroll their students online in an easy-to-use registration solution.

Providing you with easy answers.

If your district is looking for an intuitive, scalable, and secure student information management system designed to smartly manage student data, you’ve found it. This powerful student information management solution is 100 percent web-based, highly configurable, and accessible anywhere your day takes you. By simplifying and streamlining the thousands of tasks performed daily by school district personnel, our K-12 SIS frees your staff to focus on student learning and district success.

Customized Communications

Smart Notifications within eSchoolPLUS automatically inform staff when key events occur. Staff remains informed up-to-the minute, and doesn’t spend time searching for important data.

Intuitive Data Management

With a superior user interface, eSchoolPLUS makes it easier to manage the entire flow of district information including demographics, scheduling, attendance, discipline, testing, report cards, and transcripts.

Network of Support

eSchoolPLUS is completely supported from installation through implementation and beyond. This includes membership in user groups, collaboration between districts, and frequent calls to discuss regulatory requirements.

Seamless Integration

Through our revolutionary K-12 Integration Engine, districts have the unparalleled ability to easily integrate with multiple third-party systems that support the district's success needs.

Future Planning

With eSchoolPLUS, all stakeholders can collaborate on how a student progresses through their entire educational career. From schedules and classes, to graduation progress, a student's achievement can be tracked and measured.

Success Ecosystem

The SunGard K-12 Success Ecosystem ensures that student achievement and district operational success are realized through a deep understanding of how to remove the barriers between technology and humanity.

Begin the transformation of your school district today and learn more about this innovative and award-winning k-12 school student management software.


Parkland School District, Pennsylvania

Parkland School District has a reputation for education success and excellence. A critical catalyst for this success has been the district's reliance on one, single integrated solution for managing student information, eSchoolPLUS.

With eSchoolPLUS, we moved to a standards-based report card at the elementary level. It was a very collaborative project that created a better way to communicate student progress. SunGard K-12 then took our vision and did custom programming to make it a reality.”