Green Bay Area Public School District finds a “Win-win” in SunGard K-12 Education’s Employee Online - SunGard K-12
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Green Bay Area Public School District finds a “Win-win” in SunGard K-12 Education’s Employee Online

Public school district located in Green Bay, Wisconsin including 35 schools: 4 high schools, 5 middle schools, 25 elementary schools, and 1 community school. There are about 19,709 students and 45 concurrent users.

“[The employees] have a little more power. They don’t have to talk to a payroll specialist to get a change on their check.”

Carol Fritsch | Director of Finance | Green Bay Area School District, WI

Reduce the cost of time and materials to produce paychecks and more.
The BusinessPLUS Employee Online solution provides employees with the means to modify, correct and otherwise update their personnel records, direct deposit, benefit package, insurance information and more via the Internet.

Self-service human resource applications offer the promise of a win-win for both K-12 organizations and their employees; the employees benefit from being able to view and modify their personal data via the Web, and K-12s benefit from the lower demand on their administrative staff.
One such organization is the Green Bay Area Public School District. The District, the fifth largest school district in Wisconsin with the enrollment of nearly 20,000 students, uses SunGard K-12 Education’s Employee Online application to provide employees with the ability to view and modify personal records. More importantly, Green Bay uses Employee Online as a means to create efficiencies and reduce costs within the organization.

Removing Paper from the Equation

For example, the District has reduced the cost of time and materials required to produce paychecks with the help of Employee Online. The District accomplished this by negotiating with the other 11 bargaining units. “The purpose for getting everybody on direct deposit was to be able to supply their checks to them electronically,” explains Carol Fritsch, Director of Finance for the District.

Now teachers and staff use Employee Online to view current and historical paycheck information, and the District is saving an estimated 40% on supply costs, while printing time has been cut by two- thirds. “You have to consider we’re not printing 2,500-2,700 forms every payroll,” says Fritsch. “We don’t have the toner associated with it. We don’t have the forms associated with it. We don’t have the mailing costs associated with it.”

Meanwhile, employees are pleased because they have access to their information in a way that offers them more flexibility than traditional methods. District employees can review their paycheck in advance, providing them time to be aware of any adjustments well before payday. Employee Online allows the staff to modify emergency contact information and changes to federal and state taxes.

District employees have been taken advantage of the “what if?” functionality of Employee Online, which allows users to preview what would happen to their personal paycheck if they were to change tax deductions, 403(b) contributions, and other payment variables. Once the desired combination of variables is found, the employee can make the adjustments permanent. “They have a little more power,” says Fritsch. “They don’t have to talk to a payroll specialist to get a change on their check.” This empowerment of users has reduced some of the burden placed on administrative roles in the organization.

Making Data Accessible

The District has been proactive in utilizing Employee Online to anticipate requests from employees. In addition to providing payroll information via Employee
Online, the District has enabled staff to download forms posted by Green Bay’s HR and Payroll offices, such as mileage reimbursement forms. “We’re considering attaching some more forms that our accounting department uses, because it’s just an easy place for people to get into,” says Fritsch.

The District has also added a leave balance report to Employee Online. The report allows employees to review the hours of sick leave and vacation which they have accrued and used. “We’ve had that report internally for quite some time, and we finally made it available to our employees via Employee Online. Otherwise, the report wouldn’t be easily accessible,” says Fritsch. There is also a report which tracks an employee’s absences. “They can actually go into Employee Online and track their absences to their checks,” says Sharon Helms, Payroll Manager for the District. “We added some additional features to make it easier for the employees.”

Employee Online has produced a benefit that was somewhat unexpected for Green Bay” its value as a training tool. “We have found it to be a wonderfully productive tool at training people to get into the software and learn it,” says Fritsch. “I didn’t expect people to be wild about having to go online to get their information, but they were very enthusiastic.”

Moving Forward

Green Bay’s proactive use of Employee Online is an example of how online self service applications can serve both an organization’s administrative roles and its employees. The District’s positive experience has encouraged them to expand their online services, beginning with the employees that are not yet on electronic check delivery. “We’re in the process of negotiating with our substitute teachers right now,” said Fritsch.