February 6, 2013

TCEA Update: Delivering Formative Assessments via Mobile Phones

By SunGard K-12 Staff

Clear Creek ISD

As mobile phone technology becomes ubiquitous in the classroom, more and more teachers are leveraging the technology to enhance learning.

For Clear Creek ISD teacher Suzanne Manzano, a natural next step to teaching with mobile technology is to use it in shaping instruction. “Formative assessment is for us as teachers to understand what our students are understanding and if we need to adjust instruction,” said Suzanne, who partnered with colleague Debbie Boehm in presenting “Easy Formative Assessment Utilizing Cell Phones” at the TCEA conference.

During their presentation, Suzanne and Debbie demonstrated and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of five online services. All of the services they presented have free basic plans. See the below highlights from their presentation.

Near the conclusion of the session, Suzanne used the words of one of her students to point to the common sense of this approach. Using Celly, she asked her class, “Do you think cell phones would help you stay engaged while you’re learning?” One student responded, “Yes, because more students would be excited to learn by using their phones.”

Poll Everywhere
Easy set-up
Available on any phone with texting capabilities
Supports various modes of response
Does not require students to register
Free account only allows 40 responses

Easy set-up
Does not require students to register
Offers multiple modes of questioning
Requires Internet access
Free version is limited to five polls and two presentations per month
Note: When setting up an account, choose a simple username as the username will become part of the url to access the surveys.

Easy set-up
Able to push out links
Offers translation and audio options
Able to import class rosters
Provides data/results reports
Not supported by Internet Explorer
No available application
Can only run one assessment at a time
When teacher exits assessment, students also must exit

Easy set-up
Can be used on any device with Internet access
Application available
Teachers can share quizzes
Provides data/results reports
No drawing response
No translation or audio options
Limited to 50 users

Easy set-up
Student enjoy the avatars
Teacher controls what is sent out
More of a text-blasting service

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Comments and Reviews
  1. Thanks, Levi! Credit certainly goes to the team at Clear Creek ISD! Great presentation…

    Posted by Matthew Berringer Post authoron
  2. Thank you for a wonderful article about one of our sessions at TCEA. I will be presenting more mobile technology information again at TCEA14. Hope to see you there!

    Posted by Suzanne Manzano on
  3. Wonderful news, Suzanne! TCEA was wise to select you as a presenter. I’m sure that those who attend the conference will benefit from your wisdom…

    Posted by Matthew Berringer Post authoron
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