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Making all students the star in the lone star state

One of every six U.S. students attending public, private or charter schools is supported by SunGard K-12’s school administration software systems. That’s the type of trust districts across the country, and in the great state of Texas, have in our award-winning school administration software. SunGard K-12 provides vital solutions for:

  • Connecting the K-12 Ecosystem and Increasing District Success
  • Supporting, Enhancing, and Tracking Student Achievement
  • Finance And Human Resources Management
  • Curriculum Development, Mapping, and Analysis
  • Texas Student Information Management
  • Implementing And Managing Special Education Programs

Great school districts deserve great K-12 administrative solutions, and that’s why we feel right at home in the state of Texas.

“The eSchoolPLUS state reporting team at SunGard K-12 did a great job getting us through this first PEIMS submission in TSDS. We are so happy that they have taken a proactive approach to adapting to the new TSDS process – it saved us a lot of time!”

Big Advantages For Texas School Districts That Use SunGard K-12.

Become a Member

The Texas SunGard User Network (TSUN) is an active group of more than 350 administrators who talk regularly on weekly calls and meet once a year at their annual conference.

Take Advantage

SunGard K-12 has Texas Representatives who understand the regulatory aspects set forth by the Texas Education Agency, and serve as thought leaders in the state.


Two times each month, SunGard K-12 hosts Texas PEIMS Steering Committee calls with representatives from small and large districts to discuss new development and regulatory needs.

Get the Scoop

SunGard K-12 tracks changes and new requirements released by the Texas Education Agency and notifies each district, in a timely manner, about the changes.

Be Involved

Texas school districts play a large role in SunGard K-12 product design by offering suggestions, enhancements, and new ideas to make the product Texas specific.

Be Accurate

SunGard K-12 works closely with Texas school districts to provide the resources, tools, on-going support, and thought leadership for accurate reporting.

Collaborate and Learn

Texas IEPPLUS users collaborate with SunGard K-12 staff in product design, and also participate in a special education subset group of TSUN.

Be Compliant

PEIMS Special Education integrates with eSchoolPLUS which assists with accurate and complete PEIMS state reporting and validation of compliance.

Be Informed

PLUS 360 Student Drawer provides real-time access to student information in eSchoolPLUS for the special education team.

Learn More About the SunGard K-12 Texas Success Ecosystem.

We learned in school, of course, that ecosystems have two parts, biotic and abiotic. Think about it this way. In our ecosystem, the biotic are students, teachers, administrators, parents, school boards, and government agencies, all of the important living things who we want to succeed. And the abiotic, all the non-living things, are the hardware, professional services and solutions that make it possible for all the living things to succeed.

There needs to be one company that bridges the gap between biotic and abiotic. Between humanity and technology. And between what might be and what will be. In fact, SunGard K-12 may be thought of as the guardian of the Texas K-12 ecosystem, ensuring all living members of this critical ecosystem remain connected and united in the pursuit of one goal — the success of all students.

Show me the ecosystem

Trending in Texas. What We’re Focused On.

K-12 Regulatory Reporting in Texas and More Developing Trends

In recent years, the Texas Education Agency has implemented changes in the Texas Student Data System that has schools working to comply with the new rules and regulations. SunGard K-12 helps districts rigorously address these changes and we’re focused on other issues such as:

  • Bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives and the budgetary impact BYOD has on lower socioeconomic Texas school districts
  • Immigration’s effect on Texas schools
  • School funding ROI and proactively providing superintendents with accurate and timely information
  • Increasing demand for more tools and resources for struggling students
  • Additional requests for professional development tools

Already working to reinforce the continued success of schools across the U.S., our Texas school administration system readily adapts to the particular needs of school administrators by providing essential, comprehensive views of district and student performance. In addition, SunGard K-12 promotes the ability of teachers and administrators to make progressive decisions while increasing productivity through streamlining workflow and smart notifications.

See Why We’re Receiving High Marks in Texas School Districts.

Student Information Systems

Our K-12 student solutions are tailored to Texas-sized challenges.

SunGard K-12 ERP

See how our ERP provides Texas-specific regulatory reporting and unrivaled, personalized support.

Texas Certified and Award-Winning Solutions

Recognized by the Texas Education Agency as a Certified TSDS Training and Support Vendor
eSchoolPLUS is Recognized by the Texas Education Agency as a TSDS Compatible Software for all Student Information Systems
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